Real Hero

| Monday, May 14, 2012 | |

"...if every Malaysian adopts a child, then our country will be a better place." -Norlina Alawi, Keluarga Besar Norlina Alawi Bhd.

Thought this is the first time I ever made an entry using the language that I am not like most. So, please forgive me for any spelling and grammar error. Go fuck with that! Haha...! Just now, when I'm having a cup of black coffee with some cigarettes alone in a place I love most, I have read an article about a courage woman. A person that give a sacrifice to whom she doesn't know. A children.

This article has been published a few days ago in a free newspaper that I brought early morning. At that time, I just look (not read) the title without feel anything. But, I don't know what was happened with my fingers and eyes. They keep attached with the texts until the last sentences. Without any disturbing sound coming to my ears, I can take a concentrate reading with this story. A story about a bussinesswoman which has adopted a children from nowhere into her shelter. For me, that was a nobel act.

And for me, what was more important here, she has taken a children which has diagnosed with AIDS or HIV positive. Pergh..! I wonder if every mom here could do that beside their own children to take care of.

Slowly, my heart was cried deeply when I read her story.

Some people would say she could do that because of her wealth, but that was not the main point here. It doesn't meant you need to be a wealthy person to adopt a child and give them a shelter, food and love. No...

The intention to do so was come from your heart. Here, I take her as a hero among all heroes that ever exist!

Sekian entri bahasa Inggeris. Power tak?


Pok Amai-Amai Says:
May 14, 2012 at 3:25 PM

Entri Inggeris ko mcm sinis pada seseorang. Heheheh...

Aku dr dulu dah kagum dgn Puan Norlina. Payah nak cari insan semulia dia.

Kita, cuma pandai bercakap. Kita lihat sekeliling dan kita interpretasi apa yang kita nampak dengan cara kita sendiri. Tapi cuma interpretasi saja. Tanpa praktikal. Dalam ertikata lain, tong kosong. Kan?

Semoga, kita semua dirahmati Allah SWT!

Anonymous Says:
May 14, 2012 at 3:28 PM

MF :

tahniah sebab kau faham dengan english aku yang lintang-pukang ni. hahaaa!!!

aku pulak memang kagum dengan orang yang macam ni. tak payah tunggu kaya meraban kalau nak beramal. cukup dengan apa yang ada.

bagi dia pulak, rezeki yang tuhan kurniakan disalurkan kepada jalan yang sepatutnya. aku sangat kagum beb!

Telor Power Says:
May 14, 2012 at 3:36 PM

ya dia memang hero...

Anonymous Says:
May 17, 2012 at 11:50 AM

TP : real hero...